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An experienced, professional Christian Science nurse
is ready to answer any questions you may have
(847) 751-2273

Visiting Christian Science Nursing Care of Greater Chicago


  • Do you have an immediate need for Christian Science nursing care?
  • Do you have a family member, a friend, a fellow church member in need?
  • Do financial concerns feel like a barrier to hiring a Christian Science nurse?



An experienced, professional visiting Christian Science nurse is happy to answer your questions.

Please call:
(847) 751-2273

Contact us any time for a no cost initial assessment of care needs

We are the greater Chicagoland's visiting Christian Science nursing service, a subsidiary of Hill Top Center, LLC. We are accredited by The Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc. and we are a member of the Association of Organizations for Christian Science Nursing, Inc.

Our experienced, professional visiting Christian Science nurses provide confidential care to individuals who are relying fully on Christian Science for healing, and are under the treatment of a Christian Science Journal-listed practitioner. When a patient under Christian Science treatment has a practical need, our Christian Science nurses bring the highest standard of Christian Science nursing care and meet the patient where she or he is located, in order to address the need.

Our services are at no cost and include:
  • Needs assessment and explanation of services
  • Personal care
  • Cleansing, bandaging, and sudden needs
  • Nourishment
  • Mobility
  • Reading authorized Christian Science literature
  • Transportation to accredited Christian Science nursing facility
We take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Contact us any time at (847) 751-2273
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